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Apollo Fleet commenced operations in Qatar in the year 2005 with a fleet of heavy transport vehicles like trucks and earth movers. Besides gaining recognition as the No.1 Transportation Company in Qatar, Apollo Fleet has successfully diversified the business by offering specialized services in Construction Materials supply, Earth Works and Heavy Equipment Rental in Qatar.
An ISO certified company, Apollo Fleet has gained regional recognition as a trusted, quality supplier with an experienced management team, well-skilled operators, extensive range of reliable plant & equipment maintained by its own workshop staff.
A modern Qatari company with a broader global vision, Apollo Fleet is managed by local experts with an in-depth know-how of relevant industry practices
Today, the Apollo Fleet team comprises more than 50 employees, as a testimonial of our steady growth. Apollo Fleet now operates from multiple sites, workshops, crusher units.
Apollo Fleet operates a range of new earthmoving plant and equipment supported by a modern fleet of heavy haulage trucks, earthmover equipment and other vehicles.
At Apollo Fleet, we take pride in acquainting you with our achievement of attaining 1 million man hours as a testimony to our commitment at providing the best services and also our approach at serving clients and accomplishing their unique vision year on year.
We devise an infrastructure intensive network with an integration of quality management processes. Our ultimate aim is to satisfactorily meet our customers’ requirements. Besides attaining a superior technological and quality-specific edge over its competitors, Apollo Fleets also seeks to achieve sustainable, profitable, environmentally sound and quality projects regardless of the size and nature.
Our commitment to safety process and procedures consolidate our position at the leading edge of every industry we serve and helps us move forward with positive momentum.
For unmatched range of supplies and equipment for construction, transportation, excavation, heavy equipment rentals and more connect with Apollo Fleet, your very own regional expert. We help you Build, Transit, Delve Better.

Chairman’s Message

As a company reflecting the highest level of excellence in each of its undertakings in Qatar, it gives me immense pleasure to present Apollo Fleet’s latest developments and happenings.
An ISO certified company which adheres to exceptional industry standards; we continue to be associated with landmark projects which are positively altering the industrial, commercial and economical landscape of the region.
Having gained recognition as the No. 1 Transportation company in Qatar, we remain keen on expanding our fleet of heavy transportation vehicles to provide advanced machinery and services to our esteemed clients.
With a plethora of successful projects, our competency in all our services like Aggregate Construction Materials supply, Earth Works, Heavy Equipment Rental and Scrap industry grows with positive momentum given the consistent escalation in customer satisfaction. This reinstates our belief in being responsive to the diverse needs of our clientele and meeting project challenges with an optimistic outlook.
Apollo Fleet’s way forward is marked with insightful strategies to consolidate our position as the market leader in the region. Moving forth, we envision being a part of major infrastructure projects in the region. We look forward to boost our logistics into an independent entity and extend the number of vehicles under our operations.
We remain keen on increasing our focus on excavation works, with a gradual expansion in the number of excavators. By introducing new machinery and state-of-the art technologies we reinforce our dedication to emerge as a modern company with firm roots in the regional market and culture.
As a close-knit team constituted by the management, employees, technical staff and stakeholders, we remain committed to the well-being of our workforce. Consequently, we take special efforts in conducting training workshops to help them develop their technical skills at par with the latest industry developments. We also take special cognizance of our Quality Policy and Healthy, Safety and Environment Policy ensuring that it is complied and adhered to at each stage of operation.
On behalf of the Apollo Fleet family, I extend my sincere gratitude to all our clients and well-wishers who have bestowed their faith and trust in us over the years. We shall continue to provide products and services of the highest quality with an unwavering focus on providing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to keep pace with the future.

To emerge as leaders in the field of construction material supply, heavy equipment rental, excavation and earth works, providing highest quality work to our esteemed clientele by attaining high productivity levels.
To establish our position as a successful conglomerate and pave the way towards becoming a General Contracting Company in Qatar as a provider of end-to-end solutions. To develop the organization with an international outlook to meet challenges posed by the dynamic global market.
To continue to expand our team of qualified and skilled engineers and technicians who uphold the company’s commitment to finest workmanship, achieved in a timely, sustainable and compliant manner.

To CONSOLIDATE our position as the leading Transportation Company in Qatar and replicate the SUCCESS in all our other services by enhancing our CAPABILITIES at par with latest industry standards by implementing INNOVATIVE growth strategies; to uphold business practices which are SUSTAINABLE and promote QUALITY WORKMANSHIP with an unwavering commitment to COMPLIANCE through effective LEADERSHIP and TEAMWORK.


  • One of the widest range of modern heavy equipment rentals for hire in Qatar
  • Avail an in-house workshop facility
  • Expert team of mechanics for all kinds of services and repairs
  • Minimum downtime in case of unexpected breakdowns

With a rise in infrastructure development projects, many companies prefer outsourcing their need for heavy equipment rentals to hirers who possess in- depth knowledge of equipment technology trends.

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Apollo Fleet commenced operations in Qatar in the year 2005 with a fleet of heavy transport vehicles like trucks and earth movers.